Our Mission

To cultivate a community of supportive equestrians. We go beyond just sharing our love for horses. We strive to create a culture of encouragement, knowledge-sharing, inclusivity, gratitude, and mutual respect among individuals who are passionate about the equestrian lifestyle.


Equestrian comfort redefined. Shop our collection of sweatshirts, short and long-sleeve shirts, hats, and shoes.

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Equestrian Bandanas

Elevated Bandanas with magnetic clasps. Safer to wear + Protection from the sun

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Jewelry + Accessories

Everyday equestrian essentials. Shop our necklaces, earrings, morse code bracelets, equestrian oil diffusers and cozy blankets

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Shop our collection of handmade curated inspirational artwork. Framing available in a variety of colors!

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Equestrian Socks - Riding + Crew Style

Elevated the Equestrian community one pair of socks at a time.

Every purchase of Elevated Equestrian socks includes a FREE pair to gift to an Equestrian support team member.

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  • Small Business

    We are a small business and we strive to help support other small businesses through our local manufacturing.

  • Make a positive Impact

    All our creations align with our mission to enhance and contribute positively to the Equestrian Community.

  • Proudly Female Owned

    Your support fuels our passion, drives innovation, and fosters a community where female entrepreneurs thrive.

Equestrian Phone Backgrounds

Elevate your screen: Download our FREE Equestrian Phone backgrounds


Equestrian Riding Journal

Print off a copy of our riding journal to help keep track of your riding progress, goals and notes

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Play Equestrian Bingo

Hang up our bingo card in your tack locker and check off your equestrian accomplishments for a chance to win a Starbucks gift card!

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Meet the Creative Mind Behind Our Brand

Hi! I'm Megan, and this is my partner in crime, Alphabetto.

Our story is a bit unique because I started riding just over two years ago, at the young age of 35. During the pandemic, when everyone was re-evaluating their life decisions, I decided it was finally time to fulfill a childhood dream. I signed up to take a few horseback riding lessons at a local barn.

Little did I know, walking away from the first lesson, that I would be ignited as a human. I had never felt more ALIVE. I didn't even want to wash the barn dirt off of me because I had hoped that EVERYONE I had come in contact with that afternoon would ask me about my amazing barn adventure.

Fast forward since that first lesson, I have sold my Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle to buy my heart horse, and that is where Elevated Equestrian was born—a way to connect with a community of like-minded horse people, and a way to bring even more equestrian love to every aspect of my wardrobe.

I truly believe that the equestrian community is one of the greatest groups of humans I have ever met.

My entire mission is to positively contribute every time I create a social media post, product, or ring side at a horse show.

I look forward to hearing about your equestrian journey and connecting over our love of horses.