Hi! I'm Megan, and this is my partner in crime, Alphabetto.

Our story is a bit unique because I started riding just over two years ago, at the young age of 35. During the pandemic, when everyone was re-evaluating their life decisions, I decided it was finally time to fulfill a childhood dream. I signed up to take a few horseback riding lessons at a local barn.

Little did I know, walking away from the first lesson, that I would be ignited as a human. I had never felt more ALIVE. I didn't even want to wash the barn dirt off of me because I had hoped that EVERYONE I had come in contact with that afternoon would ask me about my amazing barn adventure.

Fast forward since that first lesson, I have sold my Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle to buy my heart horse, and that is where Elevated Equestrian was born—a way to connect with a community of like-minded horse people, and a way to bring even more equestrian love to every aspect of my wardrobe.

I truly believe that the equestrian community is one of the greatest groups of humans I have ever met.

My entire mission is to positively contribute every time I create a social media post, product, or ring side at a horse show.

I look forward to hearing about your equestrian journey and connecting over our love of horses.


Equestrian Journey Highlights

What is on your equestrian bucket list?

  • Compete at a show jumping my horse Alphabetto
  • Ride bareback at the beach
  • Try cross country - jump at least 1 fence in the wild

If humans had show names...

Mine would be either "Redbull" because I often jump with my elbows out like wings, or "Good Recovery" because I lose my reins a little too much but somehow always manage to get them back quickly

Would I rather groom a horse or clean tack...

I actually really enjoy both but definitely grooming, if the horse enjoys it!

Biggest lesson learned the hard way:

Pulling on the reins of an OTTB means 'Run Faster.' About six months into my riding journey, we were trail riding around the property with our trainer and a few other students when my OTTB, Apollo, tripped and took off galloping. I found myself standing in the saddle, desperately pulling on the reins to bring him to a stop, while my trainer yelled 'CIRCLE!' as loudly as she could. Unable to find a 'safe place' to circle, our runaway episode lasted longer than it should have until she urgently shouted, 'PULL JUST ONE REIN AS HARD AS YOU CAN.' And that's when I discovered the emergency equestrian brake.

First time I learned about Equestrian gravity...

Embarrassingly I got BUCKED OFF the oldest, calmest lesson horse. It was literally the horse they made you ride until you could prove that you could successfully canter without stirrups.

Craziest Story so far:

I accidentally did a backflip off of my horse once because I thought it was a good idea to lay back on him but as my helmet hit his rear end he scooted forward. Thankfully I quickly flipped my legs over my head and landed on my feet. All 3 trainers witnessed it and somehow thought I had practiced that trick before because he didn't leave my side and I did not have my feet in the stirrups, but in reality that was actually just pure luck. Never again.

We would love to hear your stories!

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