Hi! I'm Megan

Living in dreamy Southern California during the pandemic - I thought there was no better time to fulfill a childhood dream and take a few horseback riding lessons at a local barn.

Little did I know walking away from the first lesson, that I would be ignited as a human. I had never felt more ALIVE. I didn't even want to wash the barn dirt off of me because I had hoped that EVERYONE I had come in contact with that afternoon would ask me about how amazing my barn adventure had been.

Fast forward 14 months later, and I now own my own horse - ride 5 days a week and as you horsepeople know...there is no longer a time I remember before horses.

Now - ALL I want to talk about, think about and dream about is spending time with my amazing mount Betto. (Show name - Alphabetto). And that is where Elevated Equestrian was born. A way to connect with a community of like minded horse people, a way to bring even more equestrian love to every aspect of my wardrobe.

My dream is to hear stories about how you were in line at Trader Joes rocking a "J'Aime Les Chevaux" sweatshirt and the young girl behind you asks if you have your own pony. AND I KNOW you will whip out your phone and show her all the videos of your latest ride together. It will light you up thinking about how amazing your journey has been and you will also inspire the next generation of horsey dreamers.