2023 Vision for Elevated Equestrian: A Supportive Community for Equestrian Enthusiasts

2023 Vision for Elevated Equestrian: A Supportive Community for Equestrian Enthusiasts

Reflections on this past year...

When I reflect back on the greatest moments in 2022, 90% of them were horse related activities. Whether that was taking a lesson, trying something new, laughing with barn friends or reading a book about the neuroscience of horsemanship - it's pretty easy to see that I have become obsessed by these majestic equine creatures.

Over the past year I have started to share some of my riding journey on my Instagram account @Elevated_Equestrian_, but mostly with the goal of documenting my progress for myself and my friends and family that do not live near me. I always felt like it was a delicate subject for me to be posting about because I JUST STARTED riding in 2021, so I am still constantly learning, making mistakes and I am no where near a level of rider of the other equestrian accounts I follow for inspiration and advice... so really want value can I add?! 

Oh and then there are those internet trolls that just chime in hurtful things and I definitely don't need that in my life wrecking the joy I get from learning and challenging myself.

But here is the thing I have realized with the help of a few close trusted friends - there is A LOT of value in being the outsider trying to navigate a new world.  You see things differently, you have to work harder to catch up, and the experience means more to you because you are CHOOSING this path after trying many other ones.

I heard this song clip the other day that I think so perfectly described what it feels like to be an equestrian:
"It's not just a hobby, nor is it a job - it's something in our blood, and that's what keeps up going season after season, thick or thin - we never give up"
Horse back riding bareback
[ Photo - one of my favorite humans / trainer / film makers - Lara Zvirbulis - who used her day off to help capture my first ever bareback ride on Betto July 3, 2022 ] 

So what is the plan for Elevated Equestrian in 2023?

My mission is to create a supportive community of equestrian enthusiasts that can help pick each other up after a rough ride, learn from each other, cheer each other on for exciting new breakthroughs and have a place where you can find new tips, tricks, education, and entertaining material to help unleash the best version of yourself on your equestrian journey.

I will be posting more content (videos, blog posts) on the topics that I have found to be most useful including:
  • Health + Wellness
  • Mindset + Education
  • Products
  • Riding
  • Equine healthcare
Where will all this content be posted?
Make sure you follow along on your favorite platform and share with your friends that you know could benefit from a community of supportive equestrians! And tag us on your equestrian journey at #ElevatedEquestrian
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