7 at Home Equestrian Fitness Programs

7 at Home Equestrian Fitness Programs

One thing that I learned quickly once I started to get more serious about riding is that cross training is a MUST to accelerate your strength, endurance, and balance needed to be a better rider. 

I rounded up a few of my favorite a home equestrian specific workouts for you to checkout! I also often utilize YouTube videos if I am traveling and just want something quick on the road. 

Nicole Smith - Dressage Rider Training 

  • Sends a lot of really helpful, education and motivational emails 
  • Offers 12 week online rider training program 

Horse Learner Fitness

  • Has a new free video weekly on Youtube 
  • Offers free guide for 9 exercises every equestrian should try!
  • Has a 4 week kick starter fitness program

The Functional Rider

  • Offers 1 on 1 training via zoom
  • Get Fit in 6 weeks program 

Haybales & Barbells

  • Offers free equestrian fitness guide 
  • Has 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 week program options 
  • Workout guide + Ebooks

Karzan Hughes
  • Has an exclusive Facebook Group 
  • Offers memberships, coaching + Courses 
  • Also shares ideas on nutrition  
  • Certified Health Coach + Equestrian Fitness 

Ifa Simmonds

  • Equestrian Fitness Academy - 12 week program
  • Has some of the best infographics on Instagram 
  • A lot of his workouts you can do at home or at the barn 

The Fit Equestrian

  • Workouts, recipes and more for the equestrian athlete 
  • Has a TON of free training videos of all different lengths 

 Leave your recommendations below in the comments! 

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