Top 10 Websites to Find Used Equestrian Saddles

Top 10 Websites to Find Used Equestrian Saddles

Even though I have only been riding since August 2021, I have personally tried over 50 different has been a wild ride - but here are the top websites that I searched to find used saddles. 

1. EquiTack (Gladstone, NJ)

  • Voltaire's used saddle website
  • 7 day FREE trial period
  • 14 day trial period available for $150 restocking fee
  • Great free virtual fitting consultation 
  • Offers free panel modifications if needed to fit the saddle to your horse better

2. French Used Saddles (Purcellville, VA)

3. Highline Tack (Chapel Hill, NC) 

  • 5 day trial period
  • $100 restocking fee + $75 return shipping charges 
  • They offer a unique saddle trial questionnaire that you can fill out before ordering a saddle that includes photos of your horses back and any saddles you are interested in and they can help confirm the fit or give a rough estimate of saddles that would meet your criteria 

4. Double Oak Tack (Texas Rose Horse Park)

5. Redwood Tack (Nicasio, CA)

  • 5 day trial period 
  • $100 restocking fee, only $50 for California residents 
  • Must use USP ground to ship saddle back
  • Buyer pays return shipping charges, insurance optional 

6. Pik and Louie (Evergreen, Colorado)

  • 5 day trial period 
  • $75 restocking fee, unless saddle is priced at more than $4,899 then $100 restocking fee
  • Doesn't charge any restocking fees if you end up buying a saddle from them
  • Buyer pays return shipping charges 

7. Goldfinch Fine Tack (Longmont, Colorado)

  • 5 day trial period 
  • There is an option to purchase a saddle with a small discount if you do not need a trial 
  • No restocking fee!
  • Buyer pays return shipping charges, insurance optional 

8. Aiken tack Exchange (Aiken, South Carolina)

  • 5 day trial period 
  • Able to "make an offer" on saddles 
  • 3% processing fee + $25 restocking fee
  • Charges shipping both ways 

9. Tip Top Saddlery (Granby, CT)

10. Tried Equestrian (Newhall, CA)

A few other places to check for used saddles include, Pelham Saddlery, FaceBook groups (there are A LOT of them just for saddles), and EBay. 

A bit about my wild saddle journey...

The first saddle I purchased was from a trainer I only rode with once a week but had another student that was selling her used CWD saddle that "fit me perfectly". I was convinced this high end saddle would completely change my riding position...but in time realized I didn't really care for slippery leather and a flat seat. So I sold it to another rider at my other barn. 

Within the first month of riding I decided getting a green off the track thoroughbred would help quickly advance my riding career. This horse taught me MANY lessons as you can image but one of them was how challenging some horses can be to saddle fit.

After working with 3 different local saddle reps and ordering 11 different saddles on trial, I ended up taking advantage of EquiTacks free panel modification that they offer on their used saddles. 

Fast forward 9 months, and switching mounts - there I was saddle shopping again...but this time trying to fit a warmblood.

My trainer let me borrow her Lexington Monoflap saddle since it fit him well enough until I was able to get my own saddle. A monoflap to me felt like you were almost bareback - so of course I fell in love with this new found freedom.

Overtime I realized that the rear block was actually hitting the zipper on my tall boot and causing it to back to saddle shopping I was. 

Knowing a bit more about what I was looking for this time, I had 5 different friends helping keep an eye out for me along with 16 tabs open at all times on my computer refreshing the inventory available. I eventually found the PERFECT saddle for us locally at Tried Equestrian...but then a week later my horse tore his check that saddle will be sitting in perfect condition for a few more months in my tack locker. #NeverADullMomentWithHorses
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