Bandana Style Guide

Check out a few of our favorite ways to wear a magnetic bandana! We are always looking for more inspiration and creative uses so don't forget to tag us on social media @Elevated_Equestrian_ for a chance to be featured!


Simply roll the bandana and tie behind your head

Neck Kerchief

Roll the bandana and tie in a loose knot in the front

Head Scarf

Lay flat across the top of your head and tie in a simple knot in the back

Chin Protection

Secure bandana with magnetic clasp and tuck into helmet chin strap

Neck Gaiter

Roll bandana and secure with magnetic closure. Works great on crew necks or shirts without a V neck.

Neck Scarf

Simply knot the bandana in the front. Can hang it long or tuck it in to the back of your shirt

Full Bandana

Full size of bandana with simple magnetic closure in the back

Magnetic Collar

Flip the bandana around with the tails in front. Use magnetic closure to secure

Neck Bandana

My favorite way to wear! Secure the bandana with the magnetic closure and tuck extra fabric into your shirt

Face Mask

Use magnetic closure to secure and pull up over your nose for full face coverage.